Town & Ranch

About Town & Ranch

Since the 1950s Town & Ranch architectural and farm coatings have been manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky.  Capitalizing on Lexington’s location in the Bluegrass area, the company built a base selling Town & Ranch products to horse farms and painting contractors.

Miles of fence are used in the Lexington area and the earliest black fence coatings were based on pure asphalt cutback.  The classic white fence coatings were oil-based and contained self-cleaning lead free white pigments to maintain a brilliant white appearance.  Under the Town & Ranch label, thousands of gallons of these products were sold over the years to protect the valuable plank fencing on the horse farms.

In 1993 Town & Ranch Paints introduced FenceGuard II.  It quickly replaced the asphalt cutback products.  FenceGuard II was waterborne, low in odor, fast drying, had a long history of safe use around livestock, and contained no added solvents. In 2010 Town & Ranch improved the spray application properties of the coating and launched FenceGuard 3.

In 2010 Town & Ranch Paints was acquired by Farrell-Calhoun Paint. The acquisition included the Lexington manufacturing facility, three company stores located in Lexington and Frankfort, and the product lines Town & Ranch, RustNox, FenceGuard, Double Duty, Acylex, and Dura Lex. FenceGuard 3 is still made in our Lexington manufacturing facility to this day.