Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

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Like a building, paint systems are only as good as the foundation which supports them. The number one cause of paint system failure is improper or insufficient surface preparation.

This section covers the proper and most effective surface preparation for application of Farrell-Calhoun Architectural Coatings Systems. A variety of cleaning and removal systems is available for the painting contractor to employ.The use of any system, or combination of systems, is dependent upon the condition of existing coatings, the material applied, and the substrate involved. Because of varying substrates, the selection of tools and surface preparation methods is the responsibility of the painting contractor.

Prior to any surface preparation, correct all construction defects such as spalled bricks, rotting wood, or rusting steel which may cause or contribute to paint failure. The most common cause of exterior paint failure is moisture intrusion.Leaking gutters, missing caulk, improperly installed flashing, roof leaks, and open or uncapped parapets are just a few of the construction defects which will allow water to attack the paint film. These defects should be addressed prior to surface preparation and the selection of finishing systems.

Varying conditions and coating requirements may alter the methods of surface preparation listed in this section. Upon request, Farrell Calhoun will send a technical representative to visit any project for the purpose of generating a surface preparation and painting specification for the particular project application.

Farrell-Calhoun cannot be held responsible for improper or inadequate surface preparation.