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1130 Wood Kraft Polyurethane Spar Varnish

1132 Wood Kraft Polyurethane Spar Satin Varnish

1102 Tuff-Boy waterborne Masonry Sealer


1008 Tuff-Boy Roof & Barn Asphalt Aluminum

18-69 Tuff-Boy Int/Ext Satin Alkyd Enamel White Base

954 Tuff-Boy Oil-Based Semi-Gloss Dry Fall

8995 Tuff-Boy waterborne DTM Dry Fall S/G White

1030 Tuff-Boy Int/Ext Zone Marking Paint White

1031 Tuff-Boy Alkyd Int/Ext Zone Marking Paint Yellow

1040 Line Tuff-Boy waterborne Zone Marking Paint

1105 Tuff-Boy Silicone water Repellent

1140 Wood Kraft Semi-Gloss Sealer

1160 Wood Kraft W/B Acrylic Polyurethane Spar Varnish

1190 Wood Kraft Int. W/B Acrylic Polyurethane Gloss Varnish

1192 Wood Kraft Int. W/B Acrylic Polyurethane Satin Varnish

1193 Wood Kraft Int. W/B Acrylic Polyurethane Matt Varnish

1110 Wood Kraft Penetrating Wiping Stain Neutral Base

1400 Line Wood Kraft Penetrating Wiping Stains

1500 Line Wood Kraft waterborne Penetrating Wiping Stain


16-89 Acrylic Modified Chain-Stopped Enamel Neutral Base

900C Line Q.D. Chain-Stop High Gloss Enamel

961 Tuff-Boy Satin Fast Dry Wrought Iron Black

978 Tuff-Boy Semi-Gloss Wrought Iron Black

991 Tuff-Boy Flat Wrought Iron Black

9500 Line Tuff-Boy Q.D. High Gloss Enamel

8-1 Line Tuff-Boy Q.D. Ready To Spray High Gloss Enamel

1005 Tuff-Boy Int/Ext Quick Dry Aluminum

1020 Tuff-Boy Quick Dry Primer

1025 Tuff-Boy Barrier Coat Red Primer

1029 Tuff-Boy Barrier Coat White Primer

1032 Tuff-Boy Q.D. Rust-Stop Gray Primer

1034 Tuff-Boy Q.D. Rust Stop Black Primer

23-54 Tuff-Boy Barrier Coat Gray Primer

5-53, 5-54 Tuff-Boy Low VOC Rust-Stop Primers

14-39 Line Tuff-Boy Q.D. Satin Acrylic Alkyd

TRAqua Bond Int/Ext 100% Acrylic Stain Killer/Primer/Sealer

TR145 Super Seal Int. Latex Drywall Sealer

TR3042 Line Rustnox II DTM 100% Acrylic Gloss Enamel

TR10-215 Line Velva-Lur Int Latex Low Sheen Enamel

TR10-281 Line Satinamel 100% acrylic Int. Latex S/G Enamel

TR20-380 Line Pro-Lex Int. Latex Eggshell Enamel

TR20-480 Line Pro-Lex Int. Latex S/G Enamel

TR20-590 Line Pro-Lex Int. Latex Flat Wall Paint

TR30-915 Double Duty Int. Latex S/G Enamel White/Base

TR30-921 Double Duty Int. Latex Eggshell Enamel White/Base

TR30-954 Double Duty Int. Latex Flat Wall Paint White/Base

TR670 Line Pool-Tek Acrylic waterborne Swimming Pool Paint

TRFenceguard III Ext. Acrylic Latex Fence & Barn Paint Black

TR3008 Fence-Guard White Acrylic Latex Fence & Barn Flat

TRCrib-X Black Fenceguard III Anti-Cribbing Fence Paint

5-56 100% Acrylic All Purpose Metal Primer/Finish Coat

160 Exterior Oil-Based Undercoater