Farrell-Calhoun's Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

Farrell-Calhoun is committed to environmental sustainability. With our Green Wise products, Farrell-Calhoun will minimize negative impacts on the environment while producing the highest quality, environmentally responsible paints. The Green Wise Program sets the standard for the life cycle of the Green Wise products from start to finish. We start with the most technologically advanced raw materials. We help our customers select the correct products for projects so that they are completed correctly to reduce frequent repainting and avoid waste. We educate our customers on how to dispose of any left over paint, including information about recycling opportunities. Our Green Wise products are leading the way to a cleaner, safer environment by having lower VOC’s and being more durable than conventional paints. For Green Wise product standards please visit www.greenwisepaint.com

Farrell-Calhoun has always focused on responsible manufacturing. For years, we have been a leader in the industry for environmental cleanliness. Our environmental efforts include:


  • Generating zero hazardous waste at our manufacturing facilities.
  • Recycling thinners, wash water, and pigment dust from our dust collectors into usable solutions as well as reworking all of our mis-tinted paints.
  • Formulating our coatings to have exceptional performance properties, such as excellent cleanability and durability which provide a longer service life for the coating.
  • Implementing new processes in our manufacturing facility to become more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Installing more energy efficient lighting and programmable thermostats in our stores.
  • Recycling or reusing paper, cardboard, and cans.
  • Sourcing our  raw materials locally thereby reducing the carbon footprint resulting from transportation.
  • Shipping our products on specially made pallets that provide maximum durability and enable us to reuse and repair the pallets numerous times.
  • Changing our fleet of cars and trucks to more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Reducing the VOCs in our coatings and formulating our coatings to resist bacteria and mold growth, thereby improving indoor air quality.
  • Participating as members of the American Coatings Association's Coatings Care Group.
  • Producing our Green Wise coatings which meet the LEED® 2009 requirements for low-emitting  materials that reduce indoor air contaminants.
  • Educating Architects, Specifiers and Designers about VOC regulations, air quality issues, paint recycling, and Paint Care.
  • Download Farrell-Calhoun's Environmental Commitment pdf.
  • www.greenwisepaint.com