Colors for Industry

Safety Colors

Safety Yellow: Physical Hazards (low beams, railings, posts, etc.). Cranes and Hoists, and Material Handling Equipment.

Safety Blue: Electrical Controls, Special Repair Areas (scaffolding, compressors, dryers, valves, ovens ,etc.).

Safety Green: Safety and First Aid (first aid kits, gas masks)

Safety Purple: Radiation hazards (burial storage areas, disposal cans, contaminated equipment, containers, etc.)

Safety Orange: Use to identity dangerous machine parts, safety starting buttons, gears, rollers, etc.

Safety Red: Use to identity Fire Protection Equipment (exit signs, alarm boxes, extinguishers), Danger (hazardous contents, barricades, etc.), and Stop (emergency buttons and switches on machinery).


Pipe Identification and Color Coding

ASA Recommended Markings

Red: For fire fighting equipment, fire protection apparatus and sprinkler systems.

Yellow: For hazardous materials which are flammable, toxic, poisonous, corrosive, high temperature or under high pressure.

Green: For non-hazardous materials, non-poisonous, non-flammable, moderate temperature, under low pressure, such as drinking water, syrups, glycols, etc.

Blue: For protective materials, for preventing or reducing hazards of dangerous materials (other than fire fighting).


Suggested Banding for Specific Materials

The following color banding of pipes, to identify specific materials more readily, is suggested for industry as a preferred standard. Pipes which are painted The same color as The room should be banded every twenty feet and at least once in every room.

Acid or Alkali - Yellow-Red-Yellow

Fuel Oil - Yellow-Black-Yellow

Ammonia - Purple-Red-Purple

Gas - Yellow-Brown-Yellow

Brine - Label Only

Hot City Water - Green-Yellow-Green

Cold City Water - Green

Hot Lake Water - Blue-Yellow-Blue

Cold Lake Water - Blue

Oxygen - Green Line-Yellow Stripe

Compressed Air - Green-Aluminum-Green

Process Oil - Yellow

Electrical Conduit - Gray

Steam, Hi-Pressure - White-Orange-White

Fire Protection - Red

Steam, Lo-Pressure - Orange-White Orange

Freon - Purple-Yellow-Purple

Waste - Black