September 2020

03 Inspiration Sept 2020

Explore the beauty in monochrome with this month’s selection of light to dark pure grays. From a charcoal-inspired hue, gradating through to a delicately shaded white, this is a simple, adaptable palette for a multitude of interior styles. Whether you’re thinking of an atmospheric layering of gray gradients, or a more dynamic tonal contrast, this versatile neutral selection will transform any interior space.

Capture Sept 2020 Circles
Capture Sept 2020 4

The palette’s darkest shades, Zen Retreat and Jet Gray are immersive and sophisticated and create a sleek finish. Whether working from home or heading back into the office, this dramatic dark duo is ideal for creating spaces that feel modern and professional. It’s all about the finishing touches; layer dark with dark, opting for glossy black surfaces, blackened metal and leather upholstery.

05 Interiors 1 Sept 2020

Experiment with tint and shade through a selection of light and dark grays for a stylish yet timeless kitchen transformation. Tonally similar, the contrast between charcoal Zen Retreat and cool, Jet Gray with the frosty, Old Grey Mare and tinted white, Cherish is the Word are a striking combination when applied to kitchen cabinets and walls. For a modern twist pair with classic white metro tiles, a geometric tiled floor and natural wood countertops.

Capture Sept 2020 3

For a softer approach introduce a palette of true grays and tinted whites into your bedroom. Working in a subtle gradient scheme, the gentle color transition between Rand Moon and Old Grey Mare will draw light in, making bedrooms feel bright and airy. Highlight with the delicately tinted Cherish is the Word for wooden furniture and add silver and white accessories for a touch of contemporary elegance.

07 Interior Sept 2020

Enjoy the versatile simplicity of September’s cool neutral palette and explore how a tonal scheme can be utilized in different rooms. From elegant bedrooms and living rooms, contemporary kitchens and hallways to slick office spaces, this selection of pure grays has universal and timeless appeal.

 In our next article unwind with a seasonal color scheme for those cozy interior spaces.

08 Interior Sept 2020 Small

August 2020

02 Inspiration   Shutterstock 2

As summer winds down and heading back to school is just around the corner, whether that be from home or in the classroom, the month of August marks the perfect time to refresh and update your kids’ bedrooms, play areas and study spaces. 

Inspired by the fundamental building blocks of color, a charcoal matt black and cool, crisp off-white bring definition to the saturated and bold blue, yellow and red. So, this August, start the new school year off right with this graphic, confident and stimulating paint scheme of primary hues.

Capture August 2020
04 Interiors  Shutterstock 1 August 2020

To create the perfect at home learning zone, update your little ones play areas with this graphic and study-friendly interior theme. Create a chalkboard effect on a feature wall in the matte black, Deep Sea Shadow. Keep remaining walls in the bright and cool off-white, Beryl Pearl for a dynamic, monochrome effect. Introduce the three primaries, Peninsula, Glowing Lantern and Moonrose through fun learning games, textiles and soft accessories.

05 Interiors Shutterstock 2

For a more grown up feel, ideal for a study used by the whole family, apply an all-round coating of Beryl Pearl as your base and accent with bold primaries. By painting wooden shelving, wardrobes and cupboard doors you can achieve an energized space with these fun pops of color in Peninsula, Glowing Lantern and Moonrose. One for the whole family to enjoy!


06 Interiors  Shutterstock August 2020

Perfect for teenagers, the mid-tone blue, Peninsula is a soft and calming shade, ideal for bringing a touch of color to bedrooms. Blues bring clarity and soothe, proving a great choice to enhance focus during those study sessions while supporting a good night’s sleep. Pair with the clean and crisp, off white, Beryl Pearl and accent with Glowing Lantern to create a fun and youthful feature wall with stenciling. 

08 Interiors August 2020

Bring personality to your kids’ bedrooms, play areas and study spaces with this versatile and playful color scheme. Whether utilizing a pop of primaries against the monochrome black or white, or having color confidence with a liberal use of bold and bright paint for feature walls, this fun and spirited scheme is sure to get your little ones excited for the semester ahead. 

In our next article explore how one signature color scheme can be applied across multiple interior spaces.


July 2020

01Inspiration July 2020
02Inspiration July 2020

Despite the easing of lockdowns, those sunny beach holidays and planned vacations may remain very much postponed. To bring a little welcome optimism into your home, this month’s palette is inspired by the natural and bright outdoors. Fresh sea air, rays of sunlight and vast sandy beaches are evoked where warm, softly cocooning Moon Drop meets radiant Little Dove and a smooth Hint of Vanilla, whilst a cooler duo, Bonaire and White Kitten add a pleasing clean and fresh feel.

Capture July 2020
04Interior July 2020

A layered combination of off-whites with gentle warmth are perfect for creating a soothing and tranquil nursery for your little one. Try the sand and stone inspired combination of Moon Drop and Little Dove for walls and keep woodwork and furniture in the soft Hint of Vanilla. Style with rattan pieces and textiles in natural beiges for a touch of Scandinavian Hygge.


05Interior July 2020

For a light and airy kitchen and dining room, the cooler White Kitten and Bonaire with their slight gray-blue, gray-green undertones will really brighten and bring clarity to your space and make interiors appear much larger. Pair with Hint of Vanilla for cupboards and kitchen fittings and keep surfaces in natural light woods.

06Interior July 2020

Update bedrooms and guestrooms with this contemporary pair of tinted whites. Opt for the soft and buttery, Little Dove for wooden furniture and the slightly cooler Bonaire for walls. The soft tonal contrast between these warm and cool off-whites creates a timeless and classic style and is an extremely versatile paint choice for adding your own personal décor touches.


08Inspiration July 2020

Soft and subtle, you don’t always need bright colors to make a statement. Be inspired this month by the radiant glow of these natural hues and explore the versatility of white when you combine and layer delicately cool to warm tinted shades. 

In our next article we’ll be focusing on updating children’s bedrooms and study areas as we head towards the start of the new academic year.


June 2020

01 Inspiration Shutterstock June 2020

Life as we know it is looking very different, and as we try to navigate a ‘new-normal’ it’s only to be expected that much still feels uncertain. With this in mind it is important to take time out, to breathe, clear our heads and relax. What better way to achieve this than to transform your tired bathroom into a calm and reassuring space to unwind and take a well-deserved respite.

This month’s offering is the perfect palette for just that. A trio of sun faded neutrals radiate as they gently shift in warmth. A glowing and luxurious pink evocative of Himalayan bath salts adds depth to the palette whilst an off-white, highlights and adds clarity.


03 Inspiration Shutterstock June 2020
Capture 2020 Circles
04 Interior Shutterstock June 2020

Create a spa inspired bathing space with this soothing and comforting paint duo. The gradation of warmth between Whale Bone and Oak Plank are a perfect color combination if you’re seeking a stress-alleviating atmosphere. Pair with clean white fixtures, natural wood and stone and finish with gentle rose-tinted accessories to draw out the soft blush tones in Oak Plank.

05 Interior Shutterstock June 2020

For a sophisticated update try this monochromatic look in your bathroom. Apply Angelic Choir all over to create an immersive space you can relax and escape into. The intense warmth and depth of this mid tone pink will create an overall feeling of comfort and security. Keep to this monotone theme and accessorize with the much lighter peach-toned neutral, Senior Moment for woven storage and towels.


06 Interior Shutterstock June 2020

Refresh guest washrooms with Senior Moment. Bringing gentle clarity to this month’s palette, this peach tinted pastel will softly uplift and energize your interiors. Apply Just about White to adjacent walls to boost this clean and clear style, and finish with furniture in untreated woods for added warmth.


07 Interior Shutterstock June 2020

Take advantage of this prolonged time we have at home and let this month’s palette transform your bathing spaces into calm and soothing environments for you to appreciate and retreat into.

02 Inspiration Unsplash May 2020

May 2020

01Inspiration May 2020

With lockdowns and social distancing very much a part of everyday life, many of us are still spending most of our time at home. Transforming your interior spaces right now is a welcome and productive distraction, and the results will give your spirits a lift! 

Inspired by natural elements, this month’s palette focuses on the versatility of blues. Offering the dual power to calm and energize, three true blues from light to dark evoke oceans and endless skies. The addition of a softly warming neutral and a cooler off-white highlight this blue trio.

02Interior May 2020
03Inspiration 1 May 2020 M


Capture May 2020 Color Circles

Create a sophisticated and stylish space to escape and relax in with the immersive quality of Into the Stratosphere. This deep and dark midnight blue is an ideal choice for an elegant bedroom feature wall, especially in combination with the cool tinted White Kitten. The addition of natural wicker and macramé accessories softens the mood, while bed linens and cozy throws in Power Lunch bring a light neutral touch.

04Interior May 2020
05Interior May 2020

For an instant interior makeover, spruce up fittings and cupboards with a fresh lick of paint. Here, the mid-tone Blue Jacket is applied to the base of an island, adding a bold pop of color. Drawing attention to the center of the room, this smaller kitchen feels family friendly and instantly welcoming. For a classic style, nothing beats a navy and white combo! Keep surrounding walls and woodwork in White Kitten and apply Into the Stratosphere to vanity units for a finish that’s never out of style.

06Interior MAY 2020

If minimal and clean is more to your taste, an allover coating of Blue Pot works beautifully in living rooms. The shaded nature of this cool blue creates a space that feels calm and collected. The graphic contrast of monochrome furnishings in White Kitten and Into the Stratosphere is super modern, not to mention an impressive backdrop for all those video calls!


07Interior MAY 202O M

From kitchens and bathrooms to work friendly corners and restful bedrooms, this predominantly blue palette successfully updates any interior space. Diverse by nature, blues can create environments that restore and soothe, or motivate and uplift. So, get inspired, grab a paintbrush and start painting!

In our next article discover key decorating and painting tips to completely transform your interior spaces.

April 2020

Image 1 1 April 2020

As many of us are finding ourselves with unexpected time at home, now may be a good opportunity to refresh those exteriors and reinvent your front and back yards. Aside from a home update, you’ll also be getting welcome fresh air and a little light exercise! 

This month’s palette offers a versatile and timeless selection of bold, neutral hues starting with an off-white, mid-tone grey and an inky black. The addition of chalky primaries in blue and yellow bring an uplifting feel sure to awaken and energize your exteriors in time for the upcoming highs of summer

IMG 9364 April 2020
Image 4 1 April 2020

Opting for a more delicate style, refresh your outdoors with the calming Pompeii Ruins. This gently shaded, pastel blue is an ideal choice for exterior surfaces as it’s a timeless and extremely versatile shade, pairing well with most garden styles and greenery. Finish with Mystic Fog as an accent through porches, window and door frames to lift and lighten woodwork.


Image 5jpg 1 April 2020

For a classic and contemporary look try Fossilized, this cool neutral hue is ideal for sprucing up the exterior of houses. Applied as a base, this mid-tone grey can be paired successfully with most colors and decorative styles. Keeping to a muted palette, the addition of Mystic Fog will add clarity when applied to window frames and panels. Finish with a confident lick of paint in Octavius for a bold front door

Image 6 April 2020 3 C

Working with the lightest and darkest shades of this palette create a crisp and slick finish to your front door and exteriors with this sophisticated monochromatic style. Apply a coating of the cool Mystic Fog, this off-white is sure to freshen up any exterior woodwork. For the ultimate contrast apply the deep and dark Octavius to shutters, window frames and doors, this blue-black hue will create a truly modern and refined finish.

Image 3 1 April 2020

For an added pop of color both Yellow Tail and Pompeii Ruins will bring instant impact to your exterior spaces. Apply as an accent for a fun feature wall or to refresh exterior seating. Both these pale primary hues will uplift and revitalize your outdoor spaces whilst still pairing perfectly with the remaining neutral and muted shades.


Image 7 3 April 2020

In our next article discover the universal decorating appeal of blue as we spotlight the potential of this versatile color.

Image 8 1 April 2020

March 2020

Image 1 March 2020 CCC

Feeling a little unfocused at work? Create the change you need with a palette of natural and uplifting greens. Inspired by botanicals, shaded and cool dark and mid-tone greens are calming while a yellower green and creamy white bring a touch of freshness. A gentle grey delivers a soft neutral balance. Whether you’re working solo from home or renovating a shared space you can revitalize the environment for you and your team to enjoy.

Capture March 2020 Circles
Capture March 2020 CCC Gray
Image 4 March 2020 CCC

Plateau is a cool and restorative green, perfect for shared spaces such as canteens and break-out areas. Apply this lush foliage inspired hue to a feature wall and bring depth to larger spaces. To amplify this atmospheric color, add leafy tropical indoor plants and create focal points for staff to rest and rejuvenate before heading back to work.

Capture MARCH Ccc 2020

For optimal motivation in home offices choose schemes that feel fresh. Working with the lighter neutral hue, Rippled Rock and the yellow tinted white, Cyprus Spring brings a mood of positivity while making your studio feel bigger. Add Rain Boots through painted plant pots for an added pop of color.


Capture March 2020 CCC

For office reception and waiting areas the calming Chic Shade is an ideal choice. This shaded mid-tone green is both relaxing and sophisticated, especially when paired with upholstery and soft accessories in the stone inspired Rippled Rock. Keep remaining walls in Cyprus Spring and accessories in brushed brass for a modern and refined look. Finish with plenty of greenery for a truly inviting space. 

Image 3 March 2020 CCC

With a universally positive effect upon wellbeing, a palette of living greens is a perfect way to update work areas and offices. Whether you’re looking to refresh your office at home or renovate larger contract spaces, this month’s collection of colors creates a motivational atmosphere of harmony and positivity.

February 2020

1 Inspiration  2 Feb CCC

This month’s palette offers a scrumptious collection of hues from dark to light, ideal for a kitchen refresh. A warm and cool duo of neutrals harmonize with the darkest shade of chocolate brown, duck egg blue and a soft tinted white. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the versatility of this collection as we show you selected combinations for an array of kitchen styles.

Capture Feb CCC Circles
4 Interior 3

Working with the lightest hues of the palette, the subtle Cyprus Spring is an ideal base color to brighten and bring an uplifting mood to your kitchen. For a hint of warmth, Oak Tone is an easy neutral for refreshing kitchen cabinets, whilst wood accent furniture in Dreaming of the Day adds a soft touch of color to your culinary space.

5 Interior 3 Feb 2020 CCC

For smaller kitchenettes a completely neutral paint scheme creates an illusion of added space. A combination of Sultry Castle and Oak Tone make for a relaxed, contemporary style. Keep kitchen fixtures and metal finishes in neutral hues of gray, and for a touch of warmth, add polished warm wooden table and chairs.

A deliciously dark hue completely transforms larger kitchen and dining areas. Try Film Noir, a dramatic, shaded brown for a sophisticated style. Follow this refined paint scheme and work a color block technique in Sultry Castle and Dreaming of the Day for kitchen cabinets. Pair with leafy foliage and crisp white counters for a bold finish.


6 Interior 4 Feb CCC
3 Interior March 2020 CCC

Whether you’re drawn to striking darks, laid-back neutrals or the light and airy, this palette has a color combination to breathe new life into your kitchen whatever your interior style. Get inspired by this month’s colors and get decorating!

January 2020

1 Inspiration 1 12020 CCC

With the festivities coming to an end, heading back to work or collage grows inevitably closer. Start the new year off right with this cheerful color scheme perfect for studio apartments and dorm rooms. Transitioning from warm to cool; a mustard, blush pink, mint and dark green are grounded with a tinted white. This versatile palette will bring optimism to those smaller spaces in need of a New Year refresh

3 Inspiration 2 12020  CCC
4 Interior 2 12020  Ccc

The tinted white of Elk Skin can create a refreshing yet tranquil space for bedrooms and dorm rooms. This natural hue will not only brighten but also make your room feel bigger. Avoid overcrowding and accessorize with bed linen and pillows in warming Child of Moon and Stucco Wall and keep furniture and décor minimal.


Capture 12020
5 Interior 2 12020   CCC

Add a pop of color into your studio apartment this January. The minty fresh, Shimmering Glade is perfect for bringing a youthful energy to alcoves and feature walls. Pair with furniture in Child of the Moon for a balanced contrast. Or try a monochromatic scheme in pink Stucco Wall. Apply to both walls and furniture and enjoy this tone-on-tone style in your study area.


6 Interior 3  12020 CCC

Be color confident and opt for a dramatic and dark style. The cool, blue undertone of Cute Pixie feels opulent and creates the perfect backdrop for ornaments and décor to stand out. Play with unexpected accents of color in Stucco Wall and keep furniture bright and light in Elk Skin.

7 Interior  1  2020 CCC

Whether completely transforming studio apartments or wanting to add some personality to dorm rooms or shared accommodation this palette offers both playful, sophisticated and minimal styles. Bring your small spaces to life with this versatile palette and begin the New Year with a colorful and bespoke space for you to enjoy all year round.

In our next article we will showcase a selection of colors, ideal for reinventing your kitchen

8 Inspiration  12020 CCC

December 2019

122019 CCC

With the run up to the holidays fast approaching, complete interior overhauls can feel like a daunting task amongst the never-ending to-do-lists. Instead, focus on these quick and simple mini-home makeovers in a collection of joyful festive hues and be holiday ready just in time for visiting family and friends.


Capture 122019 CCC
4 Interior 1 122019 CCC

Inspired by the rich dark green of winter foliage and forests, Mother Nature transforms any dining area into a sophisticated space ready for the festivities to begin. Work as an all-over color or for a simple yet bold feature wall. Dress the table with elegant dark dining ware and white and gray accessories. Complete the look with a simple display of pine sprigs and cones.

5 Interior 1 122019 CCC

For a speedy interior updo, restore tired furniture with a fresh lick of paint. To keep in the holiday spirit, Party Time is a perfect choice for wooden drawers and chairs. This cheery red is also a great way to bring a touch of vibrancy into neutral spaces. Opt for the much darker Blackwater blue for window bay benches and seating and bring depth to an all-white room. Add fairy lights and festive accessories for a happy holiday mood.

6 Interior 2 122019 CCC
7 Exterior 122019 CCC

Make your guests welcome from the outside in. A couple of coats of paint to a faded front door will create an inviting atmosphere even before they come inside! This deep and dark blue grey is a timeless shade pairing beautifully with neutral and crisp white exteriors and will work all year round. Forest green wreaths and potted plants wrapped up in bright red bows will spread a little holiday cheer.

2 Inspiration 122019  CCC

Get in the festive mood with these last-minute, pre-holiday makeovers. Whether refreshing worn furniture and doors with bright and bold color or choosing the darker shades for feature walls and seating areas, you can create a welcoming home sure to be enjoyed by all! 

In our next article we will be focusing on the New Year with a collection of refreshing hues to transform your little ones nesting areas.

8 Interior 1 122019 CCC

November 2019

3 Inspiration NOV 2019 CCC

November is the perfect month to revamp your interiors for the festive holidays with a look to take you well into the new year. This selection of easy neutrals flows pleasingly from light to dark creating tranquil and warm environments. A fresh white and cooler grey transition to richer, golden hues and finish with a deep luxurious brown, this is an ideal color scheme in living rooms for both winding down and socializing.

Capture Nov CCC
4 Interior NOV 2019 CCC

For that cozy yet minimal style keep interiors fresh and light this winter. The warming nature of Polished Marble pairs effortlessly with the soft off-white, Umber Style. Paint bare brick walls in Polished for a cheery rustic feel, and finish with natural wood furnishing and dazzling white Christmas decorations; ideal for those relaxing family winter evenings.

5 Interior NOV 2019 CCC

Create a glamorous and modern living room in time for the festive period with an all over application in Polished. The slightly cooler shade in this month’s palette is super sophisticated paired with furniture in the darker and deeper shade of Chasm. For that extra sparkle introduce an array of accessories in pearlescent and gleaming gold finishes and you have a perfect atmosphere for socializing this party season.

6 Interior 2

Everyone loves a roaring fireplace during the festive season! Embrace this mood of winter warmth with a trio of neutrals that shift gently from light to dark. Apply Golden Weave as a base and keep furniture and soft accessories tonally similar in the faintly darker, Polished Marble. The easy, fresh feel of Umber Style is a great choice for wooden flooring, fireplaces and base boards. Maintain that warm glow with festive decorations in opulent gold hues.

2 Interior 1 Nov 2019 Ccc
7 Inspiration NOV 2019 CCC V3

This timeless color scheme offers an array of possibilities, whether working with the light and mid tones for calming styles or introducing the dark brown for sophisticated and glamorous interiors, any style is achievable! Get into the festive spirit this November with warm lighting and glittering metallic and snowy white decorations for the complete holiday package to be enjoyed with family and friends.

In the run up to Christmas our next article we will be focusing those last-minute pre-holiday home makeovers for visiting family and friends!

8 Interior NOV 2019 CCC 2

October 2019

Oct 2019 CCC Inspiration 2

Get Inspired this October with a seasonal color scheme of autumnal shades. A deep burnt umber and a rich forest inspired green are balanced by a gradient of light to dark cozy neutrals. This is a beautiful palette to bring warmth into any interior space.

Oct 2019 CCC Interior 3

                  Bring a touch of nature to your kid’s bedrooms with bold Jungle Adventure. For an extra comforting feel, combine this atmospheric and magical dark green with the warm neutral of Chintz. Layer up with snuggly textiles and woodland inspired accessories and toys in Autumn’s Hill and Jungle Adventure. Now you have the perfect place for little ones to sleep and play.

Oct 2019 CCC Interior 4
Oct 2019 CCC Interior 5

Create a country style dining area with a two-tone paint scheme. August Moon is a great choice as an all-over base. The warm nature of this off-white will keep interiors light and airy while keeping a homely feel. The contrasting darker neutral of River God will bring a new lease of life to your tired wood furniture and complete this simple yet stylish makeover of your room. Finish with simple dining accessories in ceramic and textiles in matching shades.

Oct 2019 CCC Interior 6

Soft and sophisticated Chintz is an ideal choice for rooms you use to both relax and socialize. This cozy mid-tone grey acts as a blank canvas to introduce accent colors with furniture and accessories. Enhance a mood of autumnal warmth with the rich hue of Autumn’s Hill in upholstery and accessorize with plush velvets in River God and Jungle Adventure for a relaxed, luxe style.

Oct 2019 CCC Inspiration 7
Oct 2019 CCC Interior 8

This nature inspired palette makes for easy all-over single shades of neutrals with warming accents, or more dynamic colour combinations for a super cozy space. Whether you’re thinking of creating a quiet nesting zone or looking for ideas for the social areas of your home, get inspired by the fall and our October palette.

In our next article we will be looking at seasonal schemes to revamp those social areas of your home in time for the festive season.

September 2019

Interiors 03 CCC Sept 2

Update exhausted interiors and make a stylish statement with a classic and sophisticated navy blue. The beauty of its depth and richness is perfectly showcased in this month’s atmospheric and refined color palette. Perfectly balanced, this collection features warming neutrals and refreshed off-whites as flawless partners to the deeper navy hue. Whether you’re looking to transform one area or your entire home, with these inspiring tips you’ll discover how to bring a polished contemporary style to all of your interior spaces.

Interiors 04 CCC Sept

Be bold and embrace the drama of Quiet Place. The subtle red undertone of this blue ensures you’ll have a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as a complete revamp of your interior style. For an area that exudes sophistication try this deep and rich hue on a single feature wall. Pair with plush cushions and vases in Summer Beige, a shaded, dusty pink bringing cozy warmth and seamlessly balancing the darker navy blue. Finish with timeless furniture in an off-white like Child of Heaven for a crisp and elegant space.


Sept 2019 Color Circles
Interiors 05 CCC Sept 2

To bring light into a room, create a base with the lighter colors in this month’s palette. Always Neutral, Turkish Tower and Child of Heaven layered together, make a great choice for bedrooms. The application of this trio of neutrals creates slight shifts in color and tone throughout your room for a mood of relaxation and calm. Elevate your bedroom’s style with lavish pillows and throws in Quiet Place; this rich navy adds a luxurious contrast and a touch of elegance.

Interiors 06 CCC Sept

Create a refined dining and kitchen area with this dynamic pairing of Turkish Tower and Quiet Place. The contrast of light grey and dark navy is a fresh and sophisticated take on monochrome, creating a modern and crisp style. Finish with black worktops and fittings to complete the look.


Interiors 08 CCC Sept

Explore the versatility this collection of colors has to offer and immerse yourself in the possibilities of Quiet Place. Whether you’re planning to introduce navy in small proportions on base boards and ceiling covings or in larger expanses of wall space, this rich shade will completely transform your interior style. From accents, monochromatic schemes, tonal gradients and feature walls this month’s palette shows new ways to create a uniquely stylish interior.

In our next article in preparation for the cooler climate, we’ll be focusing on warming autumnal shades for your interiors.

August 2019

August 2019 CCC Inspiration 03 2

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to reinvent your study areas and get prepared! Whether you’re heading back to work, starting college or working from home, give your focus a boost by updating your space with this positive and inspiring color scheme. Get motivated this August and create the ideal work zone just in time for the start of the academic year.

Image1 1
August 2019 CCC Interior 04 3

For shared study and living spaces why not try a combination of Luna Moon and Lemon Appeal on adjacent walls. This brightening duo will draw in light and emphasize space. Introduce pops of color in Frog Green and Dandy Lion through soft textiles and pillows. Finish with natural and light furniture to create a bright and positive atmosphere perfect for interior areas utilized for both work and rest.

August 2019 CCC Interior 05 3

Create a motivational and focused workspace with the application of Frog Green. This energetic and zesty hue will breathe new life into your interiors by refreshing tired walls. Style with storage furniture and textiles in a combination of Luna Moon and Silent Sea for a modern yet dynamic feel. Pair with natural woodwork and green foliage to bring the outdoors into your study space.

August 2019 CCC Interior 06 2

Get creative and opt for a dark feature wall in Silent Sea. This deep charcoal hue is a great backdrop for the creation of large-scale chalk and notice boards, perfect for keeping track of key dates, ideas and goals. Balance with the off white of Luna Moon for remaining walls to maintain light, and continue a monochromatic style with bold graphic printed pillows. Finish with furniture and textiles in a combination of Lemon Appeal and Dandy Lion, these yellow tones will inject a playful dash of color into your interior space.

August 2019 CCC Inspiration 01 3

The lively quality to this palette enables an array of playful and positive applications. For a more contemplative workspace, the adaptable Luna Moon and Lemon Appeal are perfect background colors for accents of the palette’s brighter and darker shades. If you’re a creative with a love for stimulating work environments why not try a feature wall in Dandy Lion or Frog Green? These bold shades will bring instant energy and personality to your study space.

In our next article we will be focusing on the power of navy to reinvent your interior spaces.

August 2019 CCC Inspiration 02 3

July 2019

CCC 72019

Take full advantage of the heat and get decorating this summer. This uplifting combination of glowing summer oranges and desert-inspired neutrals make a perfect color scheme for bedrooms and living spaces. With some inspiration and a few easy steps, you too can bring the inviting warmth and energy of the sun into your home.


July 2019  Circles
CCC 72019 Interior04 2

Be brave and bring a sunny personality into your living room spaces with a bright and dynamic hue. We love the bold energy of Lava Lamp, this season’s must-have for a stand-out feature wall. Style with furnishings in warming neutrals inspired by Desert Mirage for a crisp and modern finish.

CCC 720192 Interior05 2

Apply Desert Mirage as your all-over base. This easy mid-tone grey with its warming undertones creates the perfect chilled out vibe whilst keeping your sanctuary light and fresh. Inject color by layering soft textiles in Lava Lamp and Casa De Oro to welcome an exciting gradient of sun inspired oranges into your bedroom. Finish with natural accessories and keep woodwork light and neutral with a touch of Earthling.

CCC 72019 Interior06

Try the rich warmer grey of Drifting Sand for larger living room walls. The cocooning nature of this darker neutral paired with lots of natural light is guaranteed to create a calm and inviting mood. To balance this darker shade, opt for a tonal partner with Desert Mirage inspired upholstery. Pair with patterned surfaces and soft textiles in Lava Lamp and Casa De Oro for a vibrant pop of color.

CCC 720192 Nterior07 2

This selection of scorched oranges and a gradient of gentle neutrals inspire a fresh color scheme with a variety of application ideas. Create calm and relaxing spaces by layering our trio of muted, warm greys and inject some contemporary flare with the duo of standout vibrant hues.

In our next article we will be focusing on aspirational study spaces just in time for getting back to work and school.

June 2019

CCC June 2019 Inspiration01 2

With summer well under way we look to a palette, reminiscent of ocean hues. This crisp yet calming group of blue gradations is both versatile and a perfect scheme to brighten your home interior. With a little inspiration and a few simple steps, you too can revitalize your interior spaces. Get fresh this summer and immerse yourself in aquatic tones.


CCC June 2019 Interior02
June 2019 Circle Swatches
CCC June 2019 Interior04 4

Explore the deeper depths of the ocean with a splash of Blue Bliss on your living room walls. This deeper, rich blue tone creates a contemporary statement style and works especially well with lots of natural light. Pair with clean, minimal accessories in a neutral such as Sparkling Champagne for an uplifting finishing touch.

CCC June 2019 Interior05 4
CCC June 2019 Interior03 2

Choose a creamy tone as an allover base for bathrooms; the soft neutral of Sparkling Champagne is an ideal shade. Add splashes of more saturated blue hues, such as Blue Bliss or Enchanted Evening to smaller wall spaces or painted furniture for a modern twist. Combine with natural, warm accessories in wood and linen for the ultimate chill-out zone.

CCC June 2019 Interior06 2

Marzena Dream is a calm and soft mid-tone blue, making it perfect for decorating nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Opt for airy, light furniture in Sparkling Champagne and soft textiles in combinations of Brush Blue and Blue Bliss to create a tranquil haven for your little ones.

CCC June 2019 Inspiration08

The aquatic blue hues of this month’s palette work equally well in tonal groupings and stand-alone shades. For a livelier approach, the boldness of Enchanted Evening is a great shade for accents and highlights throughout interior spaces, whilst the calmer Blue Bliss brings a more refined, polished look to feature walls and small alcoves.



For the next Article in July we will be turning up the heat, exploring the versatility of a warmer palette to update your home this summer.

May 2019

CCC May 2019 Inspiration01

In anticipation of summer, May offers the perfect opportunity to step outside, paint brush in hand and refresh those tired and worn exterior surfaces. This month’s color palette, inspired by blossoming, spring florals and fresh greenery features exquisite combinations for outdoor applications. By following our simple how-to’s, you can breathe new life into your outside spaces, creating a tranquil and inviting environment to be enjoyed throughout the summer.


CCC May 2019 Exterior02
CCC May 2019 Color Dots

The misty tone of Plume Grass makes a perfect neutral base for exterior panels and woodwork. Envy, Modern Blue and Sweet Pea are ideal accents for garden decoration, try this uplifting pastel trio for small DIY projects such as bird boxes and invite nature and wildlife back into your garden this season.

CCC May 2019 Inspiration04  3
CCC April 2019 Exterior05

Fresh Sweet Pea and Envy are a cute complementary duo for garden furniture. This subtle yet modern combination layered against a neutral background in White Shoulders will brighten any garden seating area, bringing a clean finish and a contemporary mood to your outdoor relaxation place.

CCC May 2019 Exterior06

Use White Shoulders as a base to lift outdoor walls and woodwork, the clarity of this tinted white works perfectly in large expanses of exterior space and can be paired with almost any color or decorative style. Apply Modern Blue as an accent through shutters, frames, doors and garden accessories for a beautiful summery color pop. An array of colorful, spring florals in painted pots will bring the whole look together. 

CCC May 2019 Exterior07

Keep a green theme with the zingy spring nature of Envy and spruce up your storage shed and wooden fencing. If outdoor space is limited, just apply accents of Modern Blue, Envy, Sweet Pea and White Shoulders to plant holders and pots to bring a touch of personality and playfulness.



For the next article in June we’ll be exploring summer trends to give you new ideas ready to redecorate your interior spaces.


CCC May 2019 Inspiration08

April 2019

Inspiration 01 2 April CCC Edit

Start with a blank canvas to gain confidence in your decorating skills and use your furniture and accessories to create your own perfect picture. This month’s palette of off-whites offers a diverse range of tinted color to begin your experiment. Adding just a hint of color to white can transform a room; explore this collection of off-whites to see the wonderful delicacy a richer, warmer or cooler white has in comparison to brilliant white.

Inspiration 02 1 April CCC Edit

Choose creamy vanilla shades like Little Dove and Nilla Vanilla to decorate your dining rooms and see how sophisticated a warm and welcoming scheme can be. Pair these classic neutrals with modern furniture and dark woods for that stylish entertaining space.

Interior 05 2 April CCC

Moon Drop is a sandy color with a cocooning warmth making it perfect for decorating nurseries or bedrooms. With its calm and restorative feel, this off-white is the ideal way to create a stunning sanctuary for you or your little one.




Interior 04 2 April CCC

Our palette of off-whites makes painting and accessorizing simple. See how both warm and cool tones can be mixed by adding textures that bring a tactile contrast to the neutral background.



The gentle nuances of this palette make it is easy to use in just about any combination. Whether you need to warm up your spaces with bone, sand and vanilla inspired colors or create calmer schemes using cotton and mist hues, you’ll find you have a consistent and clean finish. So, explore the versatility of off-whites and have the confidence to create a beautiful blank canvas to experiment and decorate to your hearts content!


For the next article in May we’ll be exploring seasonal schemes to give you fresh inspiration as you decorate your interior spaces.

Inspiration 08 2 April CCC

March 2019

CCC March 2019 Circles IMG 5689 Cropped


As we say goodbye to winter and welcome in the spring season it’s the perfect time to redecorate with a cheery palette of nature inspired colors. Get positive with a sunny palette inspired by spring bouquets; a duo of pinks combines with leafy greens and an earthy brown for a beautiful balance. Bring the splendor of spring indoors, and with our help in just a few easy steps you’ll have an effortless home transformation!

Interior 04 1 March CCC 2019

Uplifting and yet still relaxing, Mystic Tulip and Salmon Mousse are a perfect choice for bedrooms. Use as an accent color to give your storage spaces a makeover, or in tonal combinations to give the illusion of more space and light within your interiors.

Interior 05 2 CCC March 2019

Green with its relationship to wellbeing is growing in popularity as a kitchen color. The soft yellow-green of Cactus Valley and Fire Dance feel both fresh and calming in the heart of the home. Combine with natural stone worktops, white cabinets and accents of grounding Dusty Path to complete the mood.

CCC March 2019 Interior 06

Picking the right color for your bedroom can be daunting. If you’ve never considered the cozy and warm feeling that comes from a cocooning brown, perfect for relaxing after a long day, maybe now is a good time! With a sense of calm Dusty Path is the perfect brown to create a comforting color scheme in your spaces. Pair with pale wood and white accents for a boutique hotel touch.

CCC March 2019 Interior 07 5

Bring a little springtime into your home with our carefully designed palette. Working in harmony, this collection of colors can be used confidently in any room in your home; experiment with foolproof tonal pinks or greens and see how they bring a pop of positive color to your spaces. For finishing touches add plenty of indoor plants, simple accessories and light breezy window dressings and bring the sunshine in! 

CCC March 2019 Inspiratio 08

For the next article in April we’ll be exploring seasonal schemes to give you fresh inspiration as you decorate your interior spaces.