Color Trends 2022

Mellow Blue

Simple and fresh, Mellow Blue restores a sense of newness, ease, and balance. Mellow Blue provides a break in the clouds, a gentle optimism and is the renewing color of self-care and mindfulness, enhancing calm that nourishes well-being in any interior or exterior.  


With a promise of the vibrancy and ease of Nature, Mellow Blue doesn’t overwhelm but instead inspires present time focus and encourages restored confidence as we step forward into a future that we, ourselves, create.


Bring home a sense of balance and wellbeing with Mellow Blue. This soft green with a hint of blue will bring a sense of serenity and calm to your spaces.



Discover your own vision for new beginnings with Mellow Blue and these other beautiful hues from our 2022 Trend Color Palette.