18-69 Int/Ext Satin Alkyd Enamel White/Base,

18-69 Int/Ext Satin Alkyd Enamel White/Base

18-69 Satin Enamel is a premium coating formulated with modified alkyd resins and high hiding pigments that are designed for high traffic, hard service areas where excellent washability and durability are demanded. This product has the added feature of a corrosion inhibitor that allows 18-69 to be applied directly to slightly rusted surfaces. This high solids product is easy to apply, has outstanding flow and leveling properties, and excellent water resistance.

Sheen: Satin

Clean-Up: Mineral Spirits

Solids: 51.5

Dry Time: 24 hours

Color: Available in a white/base that can be tinted to almost any pastel color

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