1005 Tuff-Boy Int/Ext Quick Dry Aluminum,

1005 Tuff-Boy Int/Ext Quick Dry Aluminum

Tuff-Boy 1005 Quick-Dry Aluminum is a ready mixed coating with excellent leafing qualities that gives the appearance of an extremely bright, shiny metallic finish. This rapid drying product has good resistance to weathering and mild chemicals. #1005 is the product of choice for production applications where the product to be coated must be handled within a short period of time. When used in conjunction with Tuff-Boy Rust Stop Primers, #1005 provides excellent corrosion protection for ferrous metal surfaces. #1005 is also recommended for stain killing/odor sealing applications such as “burn outs”.

Sheen: Bright Silver

Clean-Up: Xylene

Solids: 39.7

Dry Time: 1 hour

Color: Aluminum

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