470 Int/Ext Latex Masonry Block Filler,

470 Int/Ext Latex Masonry Block Filler

#470 Masonry Block Filler is a unique high solids latex coating designed to fill voids and honeycombs in interior or exterior porous masonry surfaces such as heavy and lightweight masonry blocks. This product uses an ethylene vinyl-acetate resin system that is superior to conventional vinyl-acrylic resin block fillers, is low odor and ultra low VOC* and has excellent alkali resistance. #470 is designed to fill the porous surface of concrete blocks and maximize the spreading rate of the finish coating. This heavy duty block filler may be topcoated with latex or alkyd coatings.

Sheen: Primer

Clean-Up: Water

Solids: 48.0

Dry Time: 4 Hours

Color: White, *Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on colorant choice.

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