468 Perfik Finish Undercoater & Ceiling Paint

468 Perfik Finish Interior Wood/Sheetrock Primer-Sealer is recommended for interior trim made of softwoods and MDF as well as drywall. This fast drying product is water reducible, low odor, low VOC, high hiding, easily sanded, but does not produce as much dust as many enamel undercoaters. #468 provides topcoat uniformity by filling the grain of wood evenly. This product is also an excellent product for priming drywall and finishing ceilings. This product’s “dead flat” finish is especially useful on vaulted ceilings such as those found in churches and upper end housing.

Sheen: Flat

Clean-Up: Water

Solids: 32.0

Dry Time: 4 Hours

Color: Available in Ceiling White and can be tinted to almost any pastel color (2 oz Max per Gallon), *Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on colorant choice.

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