580 Interior High Gloss Alkyd Enamel,

580 Interior High Gloss Alkyd Enamel

580 High Gloss Enamel is a premium coating formulated with long oil alkyd resins and high hiding pigments that are designed for high traffic, hard service areas where excellent washability and durability are demanded. This product is easy to apply, has outstanding flow and leveling properties, and excellent water resistance. Dirt, stubborn ink spots, pencil, crayon, or finger smears all wash off easily without damaging the gloss or color of the coating. While all interior alkyd-based products may yellow in white and pastel colors that do not receive ultraviolet light, this product contains a unique resin that is superior to most traditional alkyd resins. This product is also sold with a non-yellowing additive to improve the non-yellowing performance. Yellowing is an inherent characteristic of all alkyd resins. To avoid yellowing entirely from occurring, a water-based product is recommended.

Sheen: Gloss

Clean-Up: Mineral Spirits

Solids: 53.6

Dry Time: 24 hours

Color: Available in a White/Base that can be tinted to almost any pastel color

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