5200 Line Interior Alkyd Satin Enamel,

5200 Line Interior Alkyd Satin Enamel

The 5200 line is a premium satin alkyd enamel coating that is formulated for high traffic, hard service areas such as properly primed interior surfaces of wood, metal, plaster, wallboard, brick, cement, or other masonry surfaces where excellent washability and durability are demanded. This tough, durable product is easy to apply, has outstanding flow and leveling properties, and excellent sheen uniformity which makes the product an excellent choice for cabinets, bookcases, and kitchen and bathroom walls in hospitals, children’s rooms, schools, and bathrooms. Dirt, stubborn ink spots, pencil, crayon, or finger smears all wash off easily without marring the finish of this high hiding coating.

Sheen: Satin

Clean-Up: Mineral Spirits

Solids: 50.0

Dry Time: 24 Hours

Color: White and Neutral bases that can be tinted to almost any color.

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