3000 Line 100% Acrylic Int/Ext High Gloss Enamel,

3000 Line 100% Acrylic Int/Ext High Gloss Enamel

The 3000 Line is a new generation 100% Acrylic crosslinking high gloss enamel that combines the stain and scrub resistance of an alkyd enamel, with the ease of application, low odor, low VOC*, water clean-up, and non-yellowing application of a latex coating. Being made of a 100% Acrylic cross-linking resin, the 3000 Line has superior adhesion and blocking resistance and will adhere to many substrates where typical latex paints will fail. This non-yellowing product is ideal for use on properly prepared interior wood trim and kitchen cabinets and is resistant to hand oils and mild household cleaners.

Sheen: Gloss

Clean-Up: Water

Solids: 35.6

Dry Time: 4 Hours

Color: Availavle in white and bases that can be tinted to almost any color, *Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on colorant choice.

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