2200 Line 100% Acrylic Int/Ext Satin Enamel, Green Leaf

2200 Line 100% Acrylic Int/Ext Satin Enamel

An interior/exterior premium quality, high solids, 100% Acrylic latex satin enamel paint that has been formulated to have excellent flexibility, adhesion, color and gloss retention. This high hiding product also features excellent blocking, mildew, and grain crack resistance, and the satin finish greatly reduces dirt pick-up. This product is our best washable satin finish for interior surfaces as well. This product meets Green Wise Product Performance Testing. ● ≤ 100 g/l VOC

Sheen: Satin

Clean-Up: Water

Solids: 39.4%

Dry Time: 4 Hours

Color: Available in white and can be tinted to any pastel, deep, or neutral-based color in addition to any of our 1600 custom colors with universal colorants. *Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on colorant choice.

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