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About the Paint Quality Institute

Founded in 1989, the Paint Quality Institute (PQI) is dedicated to providing information about quality paints and quality painting practices to a wide variety of audiences, including consumers, paint retailers, painting contractors, architects, facility managers, and others who have an interest in getting the most from their investment in interior and exterior paints and coatings.  We help inform these audiences through our blog and website, as well as other online communication, coverage by the general media, and training programs for paint industry professionals.

The heart of the Paint Quality Institute is located just outside Philadelphia in suburban Spring House, Pennsylvania, where PQI runs one of the largest and most sophisticated paint testing facilities in the world.  On a six-acre site, PQI evaluates paint performance both in laboratories and on more than 30,000 outdoor panels exposed to real-life weather conditions.  More than 120,000 paints are currently being tested at Spring House.  Over the years, PQI has evaluated more than one million paints at this site.   

PQI’s rigorous testing of paints and coatings has clearly shown that the highest quality paints and coatings, when applied to properly prepared surfaces, will provide greater durability and superior overall performance when compared to ordinary paints.  And, while top quality paints may be somewhat more costly, they typically represent a better value due to their enhanced appearance and considerably longer life.      

Because paint performance is of concern not just in the U.S., but throughout the world, PQI has expanded its operation over the years.  Today, we have 14 paint testing facilities worldwide, many of which are located in Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.

At the same time, we have expanded the content of our communications to include not just information on paint performance, but also thoughts about paint color and color schemes, advice on the selection and proper application of paints, and use of paints and coatings in interior decorating. 

Throughout, we jealously guard our objectivity:  PQI does not provide specific product recommendations or in any way reference specific brands of paints and coatings.  Our focus is on every aspect of quality relating to paints and painting.