Corporate Headquarters & Manufacturing

Farrell-Calhoun Inc
221 East Carolina Avenue
Memphis, TN 38126

Phone: 901-526-2211
Toll Free: 1-888-832-7735
Fax: 901-525-8574

Office Hours:
8 am - 5 pm CST (M-F)

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Architectural Services(julia [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)          julie [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

Controller(doughardin [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)                              doughardin [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

Credit Department(donbrasfield [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)               donbrasfield [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

Customer Service(craigferguson [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)                 craigferguson [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

Dealer Sales(randy.fcpaint [at] gmail [dot] com)                           randy.fcpaint [at] gmail [dot] com

Purchasing Agent(dannyepps [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)                dannyepps [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

Sales(craigferguson [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)                                       craigferguson [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

Technical Assistance(gregandre [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com)            gregandre [at] farrellcalhoun [dot] com

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